December 15th, 2008 by admin

Alluring Goats – Two pretty goats with garlands of little flowers around their heads that are the friend of the Meatly Beast and who usually anounce her approach somewhere with ‘She comes, she comes’ as they dance around in front of her.

Baby Seal – The cutest little seal that gets in to all sorts of adventures and thinks The Fereal Bede is his ‘Daddy’ and wants to be a monk just like him.




Eeps – Things with wings and feathers that fly, eat worms and go ‘Eep’ in a high pitched plaintive monotone.

Equities – Tiny little miniture prehistoric horses from the plastercene period (Precusor of the modern horse Equus) who are so small that they need trampelines to reach the fig trees so that they can eat. Their god is a large statue of a modern horse called ‘The Great Equivalent” and is what they aspire to.


Marnie de Soussette – A little swashbucking pirate monkey that likes to dress up as a lady.

Meatly Beast – An extra extra large cow like creature (always in a constant state of surprise) that lived in a barn outside the gates of Vienna and is now on tour around the world (on wheels) after having marvelled at the sights in ancient Shanghai.

Parasolalumpus – A rather genteel, well spoken and well read gentleman Hadrosaur dinosaur that sits in a cave in Anchevois wearing a smoking jacket and a monocle, reading broadsheet newspapers.


Singing Moo-MooA cow that sings opera and that does dressage. (We  really should put her on prozac)

Starfish – Two cute twin brother starfish; Itsy & Bitsy who now have jobs as window cleaners in big tower blocks of flats because they don’t need scaffolding.

Timblids – Cute but absolutely vicious furry little killers about half the size of an Equity that leap out at unsuspecting people. They can often be seen riding Equities in to battle smiling and then leaping at the ememy and killing them with one quick Shwoosh.

T-Rex – He who must be fed – The lord of the fishcakes. (He too lives in a cave in Anchevois and jumps out and scares people from time to time) It won’t be long until he gets tired of fishcakes and goes back to eating men.

Velocipatra – A female Ancient Egyptian dinosaur that lives in a cave in Anchevois that attacks men for fishcakes. (She’s sick and fed up of eating potato croquettes and 3 bean salads)