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Alnwick Castle – Northumberland – The place from which the Baby Seal alerted the Anglo-Saxons to the incoming invasion of The Vikings using the medium of Flag Semaphore from on top of the battlements. – ‘He’s so brave’ – (The Feral Bede and The Baby Seal)

Anchevois – A place vaguely somwhere in france surrounded by mists and forest and full of caves. Inhabited by hadrosaur dinosaurs, Equities, Loin cloth clad people, a mad high pirest feeding fishcakes to a T-Rex. The originator of the fishcake wars between Llandidlio, Rhyl, The Isle Of Man and Anchevois.  – ‘A rather wild untamed place’. – (The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars.)

Anglesey – The island just off the north west coast of North Wales that was bombarded by fishcakes catapulted by the Equities using The Great Laxey Wheel on the Isle Of Man during The Great Llandidlio – Anchesvois Wars. (Phase two) – ‘Feed hm fishcakes’ – (The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars.)

Jarrow Monestery – The home of the Feral Bede – A clever but incoherent monk  who nobody understands (and not beacause he’s Geordie) – ‘Ee, hinny ah divvn’t knaa wat ist in me duffle’. – (The Pilgrimage of The Stowaway Baby Seal)

Hitchin – A quiet genteel maket town in Hertfordshire full of cobblestones, a market, ladies who lunch (and drink) and is  the home of the Cephalumpus, Donkey, Starfish Itsy and Bitsy and the Dolphin who all live in the ‘End of the World’ garage. – ‘That’s seventy five pence please’. – (The story of The Fishcake Shop and The Fishcake Van.)



Laxey – The Isle Of Man – The base from which the Equities catapult fishcakes over to Anglesey using The Great Laxey Wheel during The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars. – ‘It’s so medieval’. – (The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars.)

Llandidlio – The other part to the Anchevois-Llandidlio Triangle and connected to Anchevois by the Llandidlio-Anchevois Packet Steamer. Surrounded by thick wild forests and located somewhere near its satellite town of Rhyl in Wales and having a thing called The Great Orm.  – ‘My god, it’s full of Fishcakes’. – (The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars.)


Rhyl – The satellite town to Llandidlio and surrounded by vast, dense and thick forests. – ‘I can’t see Rhyl for the trees’. – (The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois Wars.)