November 29th, 2008 by admin

The story all about the wonderful world of the cephalumpus, the baby seal, their friends and their adventures in The Great Llandidlio – Anchevois triangle.

Many more adventures will follow that contain such things as a Donkey, twin Starfish, a Dolphin, some fishcakes, a large cave, T-Rexs, a Parasolalumpus, Eeps, Alluring Goats, The Great Equivalent (the god of the Equities), Llandidlio, The Meatly Beast, The Singing Moo-Moo, Sminsk, some Equities (small prehistoric horses) A Large Hadrosaur Collider, Velocipatra, The Feral Bede, Timblids, Anchevois, The Glorious Traculator,  and things known as Traffic Bites.