He’s run away

December 1st, 2008 by admin

I woke up as usual and opened the curtains and looked down on to the lawn to see how the cephalumpus was doing.

‘Oh God. He’s gone’! I yelped.

‘Who’s gone’? Keith sleepily murmured.

‘The Cephalumpus. Oh God, He’s gone. His dog house (Cephalumpus house) has gone too’.


By this time my anger at his daft questions was almost volcanic.

‘For God’s sake, get out of bed, get dressed. We have to go find him’.

I furiously threw on some clothes, no sock, only shoes, grabbed my house keys and ran out and around to the lawn at the back of the flats. Increduously I was staring at the empty space where the rather large dog house should have been. I was jolted out of my apoplexy by the hollow howl of a Cephalumpus. I tore back around to the front of the flats to see Cephy running and bounding around Windmill Hill with the Dog House rapidly falling apart in to sticks, leaving only the chain attached to his collar.

‘Cephy’! ‘oo oo’! I called out.

‘Good boy Cephy’.

He stopped dead in his tracks, turned to look at me and suddenly realised it was one of his ‘Daddies’ calling him. He was now running full pelt excitedly and directly towards me.

SLAM! He had run straight in to me, knocking me over and winding me in the process. He was so over joyed to see me. He was licking me and doing his hollow howl sound.

‘Good boy’. I rather quietly and breathlessly. said. ‘Good boy’. Giving him one or two pats on his shoulder.

I grabbed firmly hold of his chain and said ‘Let’s go home and see Daddy’

He seemed to understand and walked ahead. (With what looked like happiness if you can tell that in a dinosaur)

I was suddenly aware that people were standing and staring at us (some had fainted too) As they had never seen a real live dinosaur before.

I got him back around to the back of the flats and put him in the garage.

‘Be a good boy Cephy, and I’ll go get Daddy’

‘Oooo’ he howled.

Keith was now awake and was standing on the back stairs looking at us.

‘You’re going to have to build a big fence between the flats and garages to keep him in’. I shouted up to him.

‘Ok, I’m off to B&Q now darling. I’ll get the stuff needed’. (Keith can always be relied on in a crisis as he’s so calm)

It was rather a mad start to a market day, but that’s how things are in Hitchin.

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