November 30th, 2008 by admin

He was bounding over everything, tearing about like a labrador (in a dinosaur kind of a way) all over Windmill Hill and up and down Hollow Lane and around Garrison Court and back again. He was so excited by everything and everyone; It was all so new to him.

And then it came. The Poo. Dear God, there was so much of it. It was all over the place. It covered  Windmill Hill, the lawn, the bath and loo were full, I put it in all of the communal bins and bin bags, but it wasn’t enough. More seemed to come out of him that went in.

I decided by the end of the first week of having him that he was more a Poopasuarus than a Cephalumpus and that he needed to be house trained.

‘Dear God, when will it stop’? asked Keith, holding his nose.

‘I don’t know’? I replied tersely, ‘But I think I’ll have to get him some dinosaur nappies until he grows out of it’

‘I hope it’s a quick phase he’s going through’? said Keith hopefully.

How was I to know?  I had never house trained a Cephalumpus (A.K.A. The Poopasaurus) let alone had to take one out for ‘Walkies’ before. But I knew that he would be out of that phase soon. (As an owner of a Cephalumpus you get to know these things) I put it down to over excitedness, the change of water or we hadn’t got his feed right yet.

I don’t think anyone knows just how hard it is to feed a dinosaur. It takes a lot of feeding and that costs money; and then there are the giant nappies, the winding, the long leash that you need to keep them safe (and the public safe) At least you can sell the poo for good fertlizer and let it dry and use as brickettes for barbeques.

It was another 2 -3 months before we got him house trained.

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