The Singing Moo-Moo

May 22nd, 2009 by admin

Yet another day, another strange event.

Here we were Keith and I walking down Hollow Lane, when we heard a very peculiar rustling behind us. We stopped, looking around behind us to see a big ‘thing’ wrapped in what appeared to be christmas paper.

‘What is it keith’?

‘How should I know’?. ‘I have no idea’!  came the response I wished that I hadn’t heard.  (Well, it was disconcerting to have someone tell you that they didn’t know that the large thing was that had been creeping along in a paper rustling, crunching sort of way behind you)

It looked vaguely like a cow.  We had a look at it closely and proded and poked it but that made it worse, as it made a weird sniffling ‘Ooo’ sound. Then with a very loud ‘OOooo’ sound it leapt in to life and started doing the strangest thing. It started singing and doing dressage. We leaped back in surprise, horror and giggles all at once. Could you imagine in your wildest dreams that a cow wrapped in christmas paper was following along behind you singing and doing dressage. (We simultaneously realised that it had been ‘Moo’ and not ‘OOooo’)

This day had certainly had taken an odd turn since leaving the house.

We started to run but that only seemed to either infuriate this singing moo-moo (well that’s what these things are called after all) or egg it on. In all of this flurry of prescribed moves (or should that be Mooves?) the christmas paper fell away to reveal the thing in its full glory.  We could only assume that the thing had been wrapped as a present for us. But the dressage was its very own idea to impress us with its agility and suppleness. (it did not impress us, more terrified, perplexed us) But what did really impress us was its singing voice. Have you ever heard a moo-moo sing opera? It was glorious.

And then it sank in! Oh God, we have yet another animal to go in to ‘The End of The World Garage’ along with the rest of the menagerie that had seemed to want us to look after them.

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